Death and the Maiden

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Death and the Maiden is an urban fantasy webcomic about life. Follow the story of Amors, a necromancer who can’t quite raise the dead but won’t stop trying, and Evita, a witch who loves brewing potions but can’t seem to commit to it.

In a world where not everyone believes in magic, Evita and Amors have always navigated their way together as best friends. But as they struggle to find their place in life, their friendship is tested. But not their lives! I mean, not their lives, right? Of course not. Probably not…

Death and the Maiden is written and illustrated by Stephanie Brown, an independent artist working out of Portland. She has too much to do but decided to start a webcomic anyways. Send her questions and nice messages DATMComic (at) Gmail (dot) com, or follow her on instagram at (at) steph_thebrown.

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