Heart Work

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Disaster heartbreaker Cassin Nova and perfectionist engineer Mia Moore are mistakenly paired to do a job that only soulmates can do in a city absurdly obsessed with romance—but they are not soulmates.

In a wild accident, the two are paired as the new Keepers of the Heart of the city: a literal giant organ that acts as the city’s power plant, emitting a magic electricity. The Keepers are meant to be a pair of soulmates—divined by the Heart and linked to it with two halves of a magic binding ring—who work perfectly in sync to help keep the Heart beating. Normally the Keeper pair is always on the same page, obsessed with each other and madly in love. (Think Gomez and Morticia Addams.) ​

Mia and Cassin aim to maintain the image that they are that perfectly matched pair…but it proves exceedingly difficult, both because they’re polar opposites who can’t agree on anything, and because of Cassin’s dozens of exes flocking to town to challenge the pair’s “love.”

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