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Categories: genre:fantasy advisory:Web 14 advisory:violence advisory:profanity setting:locality:wilderness

A Nuzlocke comic based on Pokémon Rijon Adventures, a fanmade game that takes place in the all new Rijon region.

More details can be found at DeviantART.

Pokémon battles are like a dangerous sport. Most of the time you will be fine. But sometimes it happens. Sometimes you have really bad luck. And then you die.

Despite having a bit of a talent for Pokémon training, Sara never considered pursuing it seriously. She doesn't like the idea of endangering her pets for sports, no matter how minor the risk. Unfortunately, her hand is forced as fate burdens her family with something worth fighting for, and Sara and her pet Eevee Terry set out to take on the League Challenge - with a time limit. It's as hard as expected, but they do learn to enjoy the invaluable experiences that come with a journey across a whole country and the endearing companions they meet along the way.

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