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St. Helena, a kingdom that lies on the edge of what is known as the ‘Human Lands,’ is a well-known within the world for its knowledge in the fields of science, alchemy, and magic. Due to the kingdom’s close proximity to the dangerous ‘Wayward Lands,’ referring to lands so deeply covered in magic they’re uninhabitable, it’s become the duty of the crown to guard the borders and its people from these lands. This has proven to be a daunting task for the kingdom in these recent years however, as the deeply saturated magic from the Wayward Lands has shown signs of slowly seeping into the Human Lands. Humans in general can exist with limited amounts of magic, but a higher concentration of it is quite deadly. The Kingdom of St. Helena continues to stay strong though, following the words of their founding Queen St. Helena, who urged her people to seek knowledge and better understand the world they live in. Magic may be a natural occurrence, but co-existing beside it can be a difficult if humans are not careful.

Being a center point in this world for human life, St. Helena is a main supplier for food for people within the surrounding areas of the kingdom and thus home to many farmlands. In one such farmland, on the outskirts of the kingdom near border to the Wayward Lands, lives a family of wheat farmers. These farmers’ children, two young, bright-eyed kids, will soon learn quite a bit about their world… they just don’t know it yet.

Samantha and Lawrence Russel are these two children who will struggle for each other’s safety happiness in this world. One chooses to become a knight and walk along the path of light. The other… perhaps, you could say, chooses the unbeaten road and follow the path of darkness.

What would you be willing to sacrifice to save someone you love? What does it take to learn from the world around you, which can be so frightfully ugly, and to see the beauty within?

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