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A confused shapeshifting monster appears one day in the shady backstreets of industrial megalopolis Cull Haven. Having no recollection of his past or his abilities, he quickly raises havoc in the streets, getting in trouble with the human-friendly peacekeeping regime of the DUF: The Department for Unethical Fiction. Being chased by agents he stumbles into the scallywag slacker Harper Seyton, who has some quarrels with the DUF of his own (at least that's what he thinks, for having a somewhat shady past). Harper names the constantly hungry shapeshifter “Sneaky” and introduces him to his roommate Vauxhall ”Room” Randall, a porn-addicted computer-thief and world-class hacker. Enjoying some recreational substances together, Sneaky gets the heads up on his situation: Like most cities in the steam-power and electrificy driven world of Fictionaria, Cull Haven is under vicious control of the DUF and it's supreme leader, the Lawmaker. Since he took over the old king's reign some years ago, he now rigorously registers and deports unhumans and magique-users of all professions. The next hangover morning, Harper, Room and Sneaky watch early television, as, live on the broadcast, the soon to be renamed Cull Haven-DUF-solidarity bridge is blown to pieces by a huge terrorist explosion...
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