Maiden of the Machine

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Categories: genre:sci-fi genre:sci-fi:steampunk topic:politics advisory:Web 14 advisory:violence advisory:profanity art:manga style format:episodic format:available in print setting:historical

On a night on the crossing to India, Abhaya and Elizabeth Watson's parents vanished without a trace. Now, two years later, the young women are left without a shilling to their name in the thick of industrial London.

Elizabeth's dream is simple- meet a nice gentleman, marry, reclaim the family fortune and estate, and finally be able to support her tempestuous elder sister. Unfortunately, surviving until then forces her to rely on the less than ladylike job opportunities Abhaya pursues. But when an old childhood friend arrives at their door with a lucrative opportunity, Elizabeth finds herself flung into a world she's only been able to imagine from her books.

However, this may not be the dream she was desperately hoping for...

Maiden of the Machine is a Gothic Adventure comic and updates Mondays and Thursdays.

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