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It’s about a world filled with carnivores and their prey. With lower population densities, the hunters are constantly on the edge of starvation, and the prey is always on the lookout for oncoming death. It’s not a very rewarding existence to live in constant fear and hunger.

However, a story starts to spread through the forests and field about someone named Oren, who has made a sanctuary for the “prey” animals. Here, they don’t need to spend every breath wondering if it’s the last. They say that Oren tamed the very sun to keep his people safe from hunters.

That’s all well and good for the rabbits and squirrels of the world. However, Rask and Quanaq are pine martens—they eat flesh, but they are small enough to be considered a meal for the wolves, bears and gluttons. Their lives are also spent in the shadow of fear, but also they want more than that.

They’ve begun their journey to the lake where it’s said the sanctuary lay, but whether they will find welcome or ruin waits to be seen…

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