Age of Arcadia

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Categories: genre:sci-fi genre:fantasy genre:furry

Age of Arcadia follows the adventures of a small band of strangers, brought together by circumstances beyond their control and forced to face the challenges and complexities of a broken world left to them by the previous generation. Caught against the backdrop of this world – which is trapped in the grip of change and upheaval, in need of heroes, and fraught with villains – Cassie, Aelita, Decibelle, Flora, Cerina, and Gizelle will discover the common threads that can unite them to save the future.

Finding that commonality will be imperative, as each of them comes from a wildly different background and discipline, ranging from magic and science, to music, art, military, business, and banditry. Their goals, objectives, fears, and desires—the things which drive them—are no less varied.

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