The Repository of Dangerous Things

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Added on: 2006-11-26 00:21:24

Comic status (since 2023-09-10): Completed

Categories: genre:fantasy genre:weird

Quite simply, the R.D.T. is a defunct webcomic. The author had other things to do (and was running out of ideas/steam), but he's left it online for people to read, should they desire. The Extras section, particularly, has some pretty bizarre things.

The Repository of Dangerous Things is a virtually-unknown government location which exists to store every dangerous thing in the world. Or at least the ones it can get a hold of. On the surface, you'd think this is patently ridiculous. However, the R.D.T. is of impossible construction and scope... yet can be maintained by Ms. Harper (the curator), Davis (the intern), Mr. Tavlin (the off-site official manager), and Golem (a golem). Helping and hindering their jobs (and lives) are a whole array of Dangerous Things. Some are more mobile than others. Many make appearances in the strips, but the Self-Guided Tour exists to give the curious visitor a peek at some of the Things for which there simply isn't room in the comic.

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