Comedy of the Carrion Angels

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Added on: 2021-12-11 11:08:00

Categories: genre:horror genre:horror:supernatural advisory:Web NC-17 advisory:violence advisory:nudity advisory:profanity advisory:nsfw archetype:vampires archetype:angels and demons format:episodic setting:historical

Tensions are high in Paris following the attacks of 2015, with the recent rise of antisemitism as an after effect. Lionel, an immortal satyr-like Jewish warlock, quits his long-standing law career after several emotional breakdowns. Paranoid and mostly isolated, he questions his identity and place in the rapidly changing modern world, quick to adapt and entertain conspiracy theories.

His younger brother, Henry-Claude, a weeaboo and disgraced gendarme, dismisses and mocks these theories as frustrated sexual repression.

Their eccentric and cruel father, a scheming funeral baron, Jacques, finds it entertaining. With his own past a shrouded and closely-kept enigma, he's hellbent on grandchildren, regardless of the ensuing consequences.

But something is wrong with Lionel and nothing can prepare him for the chaos that ensues.

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