The Organization of Ghost Hunters

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The Organization of Ghost Hunters has existed for eons, in many forms, under many names, and with varied purpose. Centuries ago, spiritualists and mediums from around the world decided come together and pool their knowledge in order to better protect the living world from the spiritual one. They built a place where others could be trained in the art and gave it a name. Since then, The Organization has spread across the globe, building a foundation on every continent, and is now the name in spiritual relations.

Members are chosen with care, as only those with the right combination of determination, intelligence, and open mindedness can be taught to see and interact with spirits and not go insane. They must swear to protect the living from destructive spirits, but also to aid the more passive spirits in need of assistance. In short, The Organization’s purpose is to make existence as smooth as possible for all sentient beings.

Note: an attempt was made some time ago by The Organization of Ghost Hunters to rebrand itself under a more PC name since 1) the sole purpose of the OGH is no longer just hunting down ghosts, and 2) not all spirits are ghosts anyway, but names carry weight and spirits are traditionalists by nature. It proved too much of a hassle to rebuild their reputation from scratch (especially since it took centuries to build the first time around), simply for a name change, so the members that have the authority to do so shrugged their shoulders, said, “Whatever,”* and decided to keep everything as is.

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